Student Forms and Information; Budo Taijutsu


Student Manual/Handbook (taijutsu/ninjutsu) hardcopies are $10.00, on CD-ROM. Please print out copy for notebook. Includes video clips, music, and additional information.


Kukishin Ryu Roku Shaku Bo Jutsu - Bo staff stances, strikes, defences, and 10 traditional katas from Kukishin Ryu as taught by Moti Nativ and Hatsumi of the Bujinkan.

Hanbo Jutsu Manual (3 foot stick) - For a text reference with pictures refer to Hatsumi's book "Stick Fighting" Kodansha Intl Press 1971, or Moti's Video Kukishin Ryu Hanbo Jutsu (the green one).

Koto Ryu Manual - as taught within the Bujinkan lineage by Moti Nativ, 15th dan - Israel

Policies and Guidelines also available from Mr. B, included in updated CD-ROM Manual.

Reading List, authors - A list of authors students should become familiar with over time. Will add titles at a later date.

Guideline for PARENTS this is very important, students please share with your parents.


Rules for Free-fighting All students will know and apply these rules at all times in the dojang.


Required EQ for Wilderness Trips Students and parents read before ETD -3days


Tools Various tools you can learn and the rank at which you are allowed to begin learning them.


It is each students responsibility to learn the art they are studying. Knowledge is tested through a written exam as well as a physical trial for each rank promotion. Students should be familiar with their art's history, vocabulary, and techniques for each belt level. Testing is cumulative. Senior belts should continue to study what they have already learned. Visit our links page (LINKS PAGE HERE) for other sites on the web that have good information.