Land of the Sky Wilderness School's

Highland Scout Camp 2010

this year's theme


Week One / SC1a

Kudos to the first-ever basics graduates attending our new base camp on Cold Mountain, NC. There is so much more than what few pics were captured, but here is what we do have. Hope it brings back some good memories, refreshes forgotten knowledge, and gets you excited about your next session here this year or next. Clinics and camps continue year round, check out our website for up to date information on events. Go disappear!

page 1 - tipi, teambuilding, tool use, spring water acquisition, knife safety, ant larvae

page 2 - rainbows, deadfall traps, appalachian historical tools, wood splitting, knots theory/application,

wet weather navigation, applied knots/shelters, fire skills, edible mushrooms

page 6 - primitive shelters, stalking, edible and medicinal plants, mushrooms, group photo, lunch!

page 8 - tang soo do/martial arts belt test for LOTS students

page 10 - lashings, mantrapping introduction, river safety, swimming, beautiful closing day photo



Week Two / SC1b

Thanks to special guest instructors for this week's study of Taijutsu/Ninjutsu, breathing, and the bear. For not eating our food. Or Robby.

Page 1 - Teamwork, initiatives, shurikenjutsu CQB, groundfighting, knife sharpening, forging the forge

Page 3 - Trip to the river, cold water immersion, yellow root, medicinal plants, sling, fireXfriction wood score, homemade pizza!

Page 5 - Stalking technique, silent movement, stairs, rooftop, tipi night life, internal martial arts with J. McGee, knots,

spring water, wolf track, group photo (hiding), deer forage/tracks, mating caterpillars, ant lion, on top of the world

Page 7 - Wild edibles, scavenged lenses, spearfishing, flint/steel fires and charcloth making, taijutsu, memory drills of the ninja,

shelters that work and what in the world is that, beautiful nature photos, edible trees (June)

Page 10 - Crayfish ramen noodles, fire cooking, group stalk, waterfalls, irie meditation positive, GROUP PHOTO main

wild medicines tea, finish the forge / first fire, shooting range


Week Three / SC1c

Our final week of scout basics for 2010 leaves me feeling a little empty; meaning, as I post this it's a Monday morning and I miss the goofy humor, the lost parent, the laughter and clever problem solving of my friends and students. You are my favorite people on the planet! And although it's a bit more stressful when you are here, this place was made for you and it's just a little too quiet when you are gone. Hope to see you all back sometime soon, don't wait until next year. Still coming in this gallery will be Advanced Camp, Sail Camp, and perhaps some other freelance things. Check back!

Page 1 - locked out, spider web, Tang Soo Do striking, arm bar, escapes, and escape counters,

tool cleaning, knife sharpening, knots class 1, river trip, scrap metal find, sling practice

Page 3 - knife throw, zoogle, final forge finish, fur it up, yoga, joint manipulations, outhouse quotes, hold your fire,

sewing class (buttons), the bat!, fire failure, endurance trek, sunset on the mountain, ninja vs samurai

Page 6 - coming to get you, cell phone text = death, taijutsu, sword evasions, the essence of motion in combat, sakki jutsu,

indian cucumber, blueberries, choke cherries, shelter building, partner up

page 9 - deer lay and track, RAW sun on the mountain, group stalk, crayfish girls, forage hat, the tree!, sucking brains, smokeless fire,

bird call, camp tricks, cold water endurance, yamabushi do waterfall meditation, no trace, pack out

Page 12 - GROUP PHOTO, garden gathering, base camp food, evidence, box canyon spring snare,

trigger sensitization, last resort knife technique and discussion, fire by friction, translating our Korean vocabulary, hand drill fire system,

wood carving, figure 4 deadfall, projects wrapped up, amazing spatula!