Highland Scout Camp 2013

North America's best summer camp and training event for youth and adults

HIGHLAND - Of the mountains; a landscape characterized by high altitudes, temperate forests, fields, abundant natural resources and associated wildlife.

SCOUT - Any person who can adapt to a changing environment, survive and thrive, who derives confidence from an artful level of skill in wilderness, and who can navigate unseen through harsh terrain by acknowledging a spiritual connection to the world around them.


Scout camper Hunter learns the way of the Shaving Horse. Click on pictures to visit our store!

Highland Scout Camp is an immersion into the lore and history of Appalachia and the American Frontier. Students are challenged in a variety of environments that foster teamwork, cultural study, the development of mental and physical stamina, as well as problem solving skills. Land of the Sky Martial Arts has been hosting Scout Camp for 10 years and is proud to offer

options for all ages including youngsters (4-7), overnights for 8-17, and adult classes as well.


the "Hot Tub", water training day

Our goal is to empower students to seek independence in and understanding of the natural world.

Where many camps take kids into the woods, we teach how to live there, safely.

In a world where we are utterly dependent on modern infrastructure for survival, we often forget the feeling of freedom that comes with being able to take care of ourselves. Whether it is emergency first aid, car care and mechanics, hunting, or finding edible wild plants, Scouts learn to adapt and thrive in situations outside of their control.



The format is 1/2 day problem solving, teamwork, martial arts/self defense study and 1/2 day wilderness skills training, crafts, and general outdoor knowledge.


smokeless fire

The Native Cherokee people of our mountain home have carried on a knowledge that they say will be needed again one day.

While we never know what the future holds, we can enjoy learning new things that enliven our hearts, refresh of spirits, and help us admire and respect the beauty and richness of the land around us. Many Cherokee scout skills will be studied and practiced including invisible movement, smokeless fires, tracking, and animal languages. Yes, crows talk!

Crow - Koga

Words - Di Ka Neisdi

Cherokee - Tsalagi (or 'principle people')


magnetized needle pointing 'North', Scout Camp 2005

In addition to the old ways, students practice modern methods and tricks of the mountaineering trade. Initiatives calling on scouts to perform correct knots and work as a team, read maps, observe and photograph birds and mammals for identification, use portable solar power cells and Global Positioning Satellite receivers, are all facets of our study.



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