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Letters, Writings, and important Excerpts


Dear Students;  You are encouraged to submit any writings for publication on this web page.  If your piece is approved it will go up for others to read.  Writings include school work done on martial arts topics, writings for class (TSD or NJ), diaries, summer camp reflections or anything else related.  You may email Mr. Bolejack or at another address if you have it.  Thanks,


Mr. Bolejack


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."

- Mark Twain


1.)  “The Essence of Ninjutsu” Ninjutsu Hiketsu Bun, By Takematsu Sensei (Hatsumi’s teacher)

                   * Great piece on Ninjutsu and all martial arts



2.)Spiritual Studies with Chuck Blackburn; 26 March 06 "Meditation; Muk Yum and the martial arts"

* Notes from group meeting. Some basic terms and a recommended book title.

3.) "8 Principles of Distance in Attack", by Bruce Lee. Paraphrased by Mr. Bolejack. Required for student notebooks.

4.) "Individuality", a short poem by Guy Johnson.

5.) "Speech to President Franklin Pearce", by Chief Seattle. This short piece is a good introduction to one Native American perspective.

"This Earth is precious to Him, and to harm the Earth is to heap contempt on its Creator . . . Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of Earth" - excerpt


6.) "On Budo", by Gogen Yamaguchi. This short paragraph describes the art of the martial way.

7.) "The Lineage of Togakure Ryu, Ninjutsu ", courtesy of Bujinkan Shima Dojo, Richmond VA. BSD hosted this years Ninja Summit in August.

8.) "An Aborted Baby Sings in the Colorado House of Representatives", by Representative Tim Harvey, a story the likes of which you will not read often about real life hero and Cerebral Palsy victim's advocate Gianna Jessen.

9.) "Writings by Spencer Bolejack", more essays, letters, and selected articles on science, spirituality, politics, philosophy, religion, and other random stuff. *new*

10.) "A List of Fine Quotations", and , "Martial Arts Quotes" , here you will read the words of men and women past, and passed, whose wit and wisdom shine on through this seemingly dark hour of humanity.

11.) " Where to bury a dog", no really. If you have ever lived with a four legged friend, you will appreciate this.

12.) "Gun Haiku", firearm related poetry from internet forum, The High Road.

13.) "Spirit of Rasta", collection of short verses and quotes inspired by the Rastafari, people of Jah Make Ya.

14.) "Yamabushi News", news and events collected by Mr. B to make you think, wonder, or disagree.

15.) "The People's Weapon",*new* junior research paper by 16 year old Nina Linton, Black belt candidate at Land of the Sky Martial Arts. Nina examines firearm ownership, politics, and history. Now such research is controlled and suppressed in Buncombe County Schools where it was written in 2006. 6 pages plus a works cited.



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